Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi and welcome to my first blog posting.

So why did I start this? I was browsing through the Chatelaine Yuku board today (it had been several months) and i saw many references to the WIPocalypse for 2012. Needless to say i was intruiged. After a little research, which was not too challenging, I came across the site for this fun event at Measi's Musings blog.

Now, I am completely the type of person who loves to start new projects but I am terrible at finishing things. So i decided to get this blog going and to define some goals for finishing some of my projects.

My first and very simple goal is to finish the mittens that are 90% complete for my daughter. Here is a picture of where they stand tonight.

My next immediate goal is to finish the birth sampler for my neice who was born in September of 2011. Here is where this stands as well.

Over the next few days I am going to catalog my priority wips and status. I hope that keeping this blog will help me focus and stay excited about finishing so many of my great projects that are well in progress.

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