Sunday, March 11, 2012

March WIPocalypse Update - NY Needles

Hi Everyone!

Here's my update for March - big progress by my standards but certainly small compared to so many of you who do such beautiful stitching.

I did not finish all of my kitties for the birth sampler, but made pretty good progress on the last one so I should be done by the next update.

Part of the reason that I didn't finish the kitties is that I got tired of all of the quarter stitches so decided to pull out something else.  I had the "Clean" portion of my LK Clean/Dirty puppies all kitted up so I got that out and I finished it!  It felt like a whole new project start and then I realized that is was on my WIPocalypse list since I had made the "Dirty" puppy a few years ago.  I'm going to finish it as a reversable design for my dishwasher since I never know if the dishes are clean or dirty!  Here are the pics of both.

Other than that, not a lot of other progress since the last update.  A few other bows for my daughter...but will hold off on pictures for now.

Thanks for reading everyone - I will look out for all of your updates as well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb WIPocalypse Update - NY Needles

Hi everyone - at long last here is my February update.  I was able to make some reasonably good progress on the kittens in the birth sampler for my neice. 

Here is the finished one on the top right:

And here is the finished on on the bottom left (with block):

I only have the bottom right kitten with block and the wording left so really quite close. 

I stitched a little on my princess and the pea needlepoint but hard to show any material progress.

And lastly I was able to make two sets of very cute hair ribbons for my daughter for Valentines day.  Here they are:

Thanks so much for reading - this group has really helped me to make some real progress this month.  And great job to everyone else - I've really enjoyed reading your own blogs and updates.  There are some wonderful projects going on out there.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, after starting to list out all of my WIPs for the WIPocalypse, I decided to do a little online shopping as well!  I had meant to buy these over the Super Bowl sale last weekend but missed the deadline by about an hour.  That did give me a little more time to browse.  Here is what I picked-up.

Barbara Ana Designs:  I hadn't seen this designer before and she had a ton of cute things so I had to get some.
Christmas Robin scissor fob (I love the double fobs!):
Owl-o-ween scissor fob:
(the finishing is very cute!)
Made with Love Charms:

Also, this scissor block and matching ruler:
And these scissors too:
And these heart "buckles"

I intentionally avoided a lot of charts since I have so many started and in my stash, but the accessories were fun.

Will be putting on the finishing touches of my progress for the February update in the next day or so.  Since I only had my first post at the end of January I am trying to gradually work to get in sync with the full moon cycle but I did want to have some actual tangible progress to make.