Friday, February 3, 2012

Non-XS stash enhancement

Just a short update on some non-XS purchases.  I've been actually making some progress on my XS projects which I will update on the next WIPocalypse deadline.  In the meantime, I have received some orders that were fun to open and I'm excited about working a little over the weekend on these other projects.

First, I received an order of ribbons and accessories for my hair-bow making for my 2 year old daughter.  Here are some pictures of some new ribbons and also some back-less buttons that I use in the centers of the hair bows.  A number of them are holiday (Halloween and Christmas) but some others I plan to use for some bows for all seasons.  Here are some pics (one set of the ribbons are sparkly - not sure if it shows up on the picture).

I also picked up a new glue-gun that I wanted since it has several different tips - including (most importantly) a flat tip.  Here's the new glue gun and a close-up on the other tips.

I also picked-up some ultra-discounted Sizzix die-cuts as well as some half-price storage boxes.  I accidentally must have put two of the sizzle snowflakes in my cart, but I think that they were super cheap so I need to figure out what do to with my extra one.  Here are the boxes and the die-cuts that I got - pictures aren't great but  you'll get the general idea.

I also received my Spring Just Cross-stitch magazine today in the mail. I have to say that aside from one small recurring pattern, I really haven't had much I would even consider in this magazine in many years. I do like the ornament issue but I don't think I have the same preferences any longer.  I have started subscribing to Cross-Stitch and Needlework and I like that very much.  I don't care for any of the UK publications.

What do you like and what do you subscribe to???

Lastly, tomorrow starts the Silver Needle super bowl weekend sale (20% store wide - no affiliation, just a happy customer).  So, I am planning to pick-up some XS supplies and who knows what else.  I will post what I finally pick-up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - I'm hoping to make good progress on my WIPs.

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  1. Mag subs have gotten a little out of hand! I've subbed to Cross Stitcher (UK) for years but will cancel when the Emily Peacock alphabet is done as the mag is not so good now. World of Cross Stitching (UK) is also on probation. Cross Stitch Collection (UK) is a new sub because there was a sale and there will be regular Joan Elliott designs in it.
    Just Cross Stitch (USA) was a Birthday present sub and I really like it.
    Gift of Stitching (Australian on-line mag) was on special offer and it's my favourite of all of them.
    I've never seen Cross Stitch and Needlwork, please don't show me as I really don't need another sub LOL!


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